Welcome to IDEA International Group LLC

I.D.E.A INTERNATIONAL is driven by a keen interest to promote Africa continentally and globally. We offer a vast array of services ranging from financing, investments, corporations merging and acquisitions, environment and media consultancy. I.D.E.A International’s intent is to become the continent leading global investment and commodities platform, with a complete market-analysis, risk management, financing capabilities and financial solutions across the full spectrum of our portfolios.

In today’s competitive environment, we were formed to address Africa’s competitiveness and excellence driven objectives. We believe that our clients require that we develop a complete solution for our services. This includes providing competitive pricing, financing and in-depth market knowledge.

In addition to our broad suite of financial instruments, clients can benefit from I.D.E.A International’s advisory on capital markets practice, authorized dealers in foreign exchange with limited authority in Southern Africa and networking ability.